Learner Driver Insurance

Hope everyone is ok . Some of you will have insurance in place already for practice outside of lessons . A couple of you have asked about this so here are the contact details for the companies I am affiliated with. I can’t give recommendations you will need to find out what they offer and find the best deal that suits your needs.

Learner Driver Insurance can be used for driving when supervised and acts as a separate policy .

Supervising drivers must be 21 or older and hold a full UK/EU licence for a minimum of 3 years for that class of vehicle. You must display legal Learner plates front and back and the person supervising you should have a temporary rear view mirror in place ( available at Halfords) .

Ensure you pre plan practice , discuss where to go, how you feel , only use a suitable route/area for your ability . Do some reflection during and at the end. You could keep your own log.

Goes without saying please follow Government advice….don’t go out if you or another member of your family are displaying symptoms of CV19 . Keep the car well ventilated.

Marmalade : tel 0333 358 3441 or visit wearemarmalade.com

Collingwood Insurance Services : 0345 470 0014 or visit http://www.collingwood.co.uk/learner-Driver-insurance

NLD Insurance http://www.nldinsurance.com

Please quote both my name and my instructor number ( 731478) when purchasing . I do get a small commission but you should get an additional discount as well.

Any questions do let me know.

Stay safe and see you all soon


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